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Fortune 500 companies have long afforded large Systems Integration firms (IBM/EDS) who create competitive advantages with custom Information Systems.  Small and medium sized businesses have been left with out-of-the-box, technology-centric products, delivered with services that often exceed budgets. CyGen offers a business-centric alternative with Budget Protection. Select from a menu of IT services specifically configured to advance and sustain your business performance objectives.

Process is Power!

Integrate People, Process, Data, and Documents to manage workflow and power business performance!


Software and Best Practices

Business Process
Productivity Solution
  Process Best Practices and IT improves customer service and removes operating costs.

Workflow Management Software
Integrate People, Process,
Data, Documents

Outsource CIO Services
Discover strategies and tactics to improve business performance.

Automated eCommerce Mgmt.
System Enables eCommerce to
become a natural part of the
fulfillment process.

WorkStreamsTM Custom Office SM
Cost effectively uses Microsoft Office® Tools to automate
business processes.





Integrate your Applications and Data with Outlook and Exchange





SharePoint Solutions



  Why Choose CyGen?

Focused on your business efficiency

Easy Budget Protection Plan ensures affordability with no cost surprises!

WorkStreamsTM business solution integrates People, Process, Data, & Documents to power process performance.

Custom configured to power performance objectives