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Automated eCommerce Management System

CyGen uniquely enables eCommerce to become a natural part of the fulfillment process.

The most configurable eCommerce business solution available today.

Handles complex market and product segmentation requirements.

Automated transaction and inventory management with back-office integration.

Your business model doesn't fit a typical eCommerce mold?

Use an eCommerce system configured specially to fit your business model.CyGen recognizes that companies have unique business rules and eCommerce needs.  We have built a software solution that is highly configurable to satisfy special business conditions and requirements.

The PainfreeITTM eCommerce Management SystemSM is for companies wishing to design an eCommerce solution to fit their business model.

Business system integration = eCommerce success

PainfreeITTM eCommerce is ideally suited for organizations that would rather not deal with the hassles of managing multiple databases, fulfillment processes, product changes, and inventory control.  Don't make the mistake of managing eCommerce as a separate distribution and fulfillment model! Too many companies have learned the hard way that eCommerce can be more trouble than it is worth when not fully integrated with conventional business practices.

Avoid inventory management chaos.

Integrate eCommerce with your existing fulfillment processes.  Keep eCommerce product and inventory management in sync with all distribution channels and legacy systems.

The PainfreeIT Automated eCommerce Management SystemSM integrates and automates eCommerce transactions with routine product and inventory management practices.  CyGen's hosted software solution and integration services will quickly ready your business for handling new orders.

Capabilities include:

  • Standard shopping cart interface with graphics support
  • Inventory and pricing data from a central data source
  • Ability to create new customer identification logins
  • Enables existing customers and sales channels to purchase with pre-determined pricing for specific customer/ channel partner designations.
  • Track lead source (sales channel / partner)
  • Pull existing data from central data source
  • Insert order data into central data repository
  • Manage fulfillment workflow

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