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Custom Add-Ins and Development for Microsoft® Outlook®

Does Outlook lack functionality you need for your business or product?

Do you need an Outlook-integrated business solution?

  • CyGen can quickly deliver Outlook-integrated business solutions that are configured to your requirements using CyGen’s WorkStreams Add-In Core for Outlook which provides built in scalability and reliability for a best of breed solution.  

  • CyGen offers a combination of technology and services to a build a complete custom add-in to match your business's unique requirements.

Custom Outlook Add-Ins

Your Outlook Add-In Can:

  • Implement new features and business functionality in Outlook
  • Enhance/ Manage/Integrate/Sync existing Outlook Data
  • Provide support for specific business verticals
  • Eliminates the unreliable nature of Outlook development
  • Extensive deployment / installation capabilities and options
  • Tested for all target OS/Office version combinations
  • Comes with commercial software features
  • Built on commercial software quality standards
  • Language and localization support
  • Support for Outlook Versions:
    • Outlook 2000
    • Outlook XP
    • Outlook 2003
    • Outlook 2007
    • Outlook 2010

Built on a powerful Outlook add-in core with a rich feature set out of the box.


Your Add-In can be developed rapidly and in a cost effective manner due to CyGen’s experience and the WorkStreams Enterprise Platform for Outlook and Exchange.


Take advantage of the large Outlook user base that is already educated on the user interface.


CyGen delivers solutions for businesses and packaged products for software vendors. 

Solutions are priced as a fee based engagement and depend on requirements. 

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