CyGen Technologies offers services to develop solutions for the
Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform

Building Customized Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins
Extending Microsoft Outlook Capabilities
Integrating Existing Applications with Microsoft Outlook
Fast Development Enhanced with the Use of CyGen's proprietary modules
Upgrading of Performance and Capabilities of Existing Add-ins or Customizations

Custom Outlook
CyGen Proprietary Outlook / Exchange Modules
  • CyGen's Outlook/Exchange Modules significantly reduce the time to create quality add-ins and other extensions. 
  • These modules resolve inconsistencies in the Outlook application that cause development problems.
  • We offer this efficiency and full quality assurance on multiple versions of Outlook. 
  • Ability to implement workflow and Exchange Event Syncs when required.
Outlook / Exchange Development Expertise
  • Broad understanding of all the development approaches for extending the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange platform. 
  • Extensive experience developing for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server and other Microsoft Office applications.
  • Knowledge of issues that arise in Outlook development and the ability to work around those issues. 
Commercial Software Experience
  • CyGen has successfully built many commercial software applications for its clients. 
  • Our commercial software experience spans a wide range of industries including finance, medical, manufacturing, online commerce, marketing, and service businesses.
  • From this strong background of experience, we can provide your organization with top tier solutions.
Benefits for Companies
  • Assistance with your internal Outlook development projects.
  • Full project management and development of Outlook / Exchange solutions.
  • Highly cost effective compared to learning and developing for Outlook.
Benefits for Independent Software Vendors
  • Integrate your existing web or software applications with Outlook and/or Exchange.
  • Rapid time to market for these additions to you software offerings.
  • CyGen has broad application integration experience across platforms and application types.

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