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Small and medium sized businesses can now afford the
benefits of professional CIO resources

Chief Information Officers (CIO) help companies to advance business performance objectives with the Information Technologies.  Fortune 500 companies have long afforded CIO services to improve business process efficiencies and create competitive advantages.  Now you can reap the same rewards at a fraction of the cost.

Affordable and Effective Outsource CIO Services

operating profits

Position for emerging market opportunities

Gain competitive advantages

Proprietary Methodology  -  Business Process and Technology Specialists


  • WorkStreams CIO SM offers tremendous value with a unique approach to CIO duties.  WorkStreams CIO SM specialists utilize our Value Process Workflow SM (VPW) analysis and improvement methodology, with a broad understanding of affordable and highly configurable Information Technology capabilities.
  • CIO duties typically last for a few weeks or months and require knowledge of disciplines including business strategy, process optimization, and Information Technology.  Rather than expecting this range of experience from one individual and enduring that fixed overhead cost, WorkStreams CIO SM Services offer this as-needed consulting in finance, marketing, sales, operations, business process optimization, and Information Technology.  This unique approach offers Small and Medium Sized Business the experienced resources that were once only afforded by Fortune 500 companies.
  • WorkSreams CIO SM connects IT initiatives with business strategies and performance objectives.
Strategic and tactical business process improvement best practices
Operations • Finance • Sales & Marketing • Human Resources • Technology

WorkStreams CIOSM combines business process experience with Information Technology to achieve performance objectives.

Connecting IT initiatives with company strategies helps stakeholders achieve business goals.



Business process and IT specialists perform a Value Process WorkflowSM analysis that identifies how Information Technologies might be used to improve business performance.


Improve operating

Position for emerging market opportunities

Gain competitive advantages

How can CyGen offer this service affordably for
small and medium sized businesses?

Well orchestrated service from business and technology specialists.

  • The WorkStreams CIO SM service works with business process IT experts who quickly assess and recommend opportunities for business improvements with Information Technologies.
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