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Now a highly configurable Information Technology platform.

  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Business Process Automation
  • Productivity Gains

Information Management - Productivity Infrastructure

User familiarity promotes adoption

WorkStreams Custom Office SM business process optimization solutions blend seamlessly with your existing work environment by using Microsoft Office, the world’s most widely recognized business productivity suite.

WorkStreamsTMCustom Office Objectives

  • Create more value by leveraging existing investments in Microsoft tools.
  • Allow your staff to focus on solving business problems instead of spending time collecting data.
  • Easily collaborate with others.
  • Connect information from disparate systems.
  • Automate business processes.
  • Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
  • Reduce process cycle time.
  • Streamline business processes; remove waste

How is Microsoft Office configured to become a custom
productivity solution?

Customizable platform of applications, servers, and online services. Microsoft Office System is a comprehensive platform for building business-critical solutions and processes.
Smart Client custom applications.  CyGen delivers custom Smart Client applications with consulting services that simplify information management and team collaboration. 
Business process improvement experience and technical know-how. CyGen has the experience to help you identify the best path to custom office configurations.
Effective Teaming.  WorkStreams TM Custom Office can provide your company with the tools needed for employees, partners, and customers to communicate more effectively.  Gain speed, response, consistency, and clarity!

Horizontal opportunities to improve business
performance with Custom Office.

Finance.  Enable automated data collection from various locations and disparate applications for real-time analysis and reporting.
Human Resources.  Custom Office allows your HR department to reduce time on clerical tasks and focus on value adding activities.
Operations.  Custom Office can deliver process automation systems that let operations groups increase revenues and reduce profit-limiting waste.
Sales.  Let your salespeople get the information they need to close the deal- no matter where they are or what network they’re using.    

Find out how WorkStreamsTM Custom Office can improve the productivity of your organization.

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