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Process is Power!
Integrate People, Process, Data, and Documents  (P2D2)SM

Business Process Best Practices and Information Technologies
optimize workflows to generate revenue and minimize operating costs.


What is a WorkStreamsTMProductivity Solution?

WorkStreamsTM is a productivity solution that optimizes workflows to generate customer value and remove wasteful activities.  Workstream's benefits include:

  • World-class process improvement best practices and Information Technology. 
  • Increased human resource capacity and organizational capabilities. 
  • Optimized business processes. 
  • Reduced operating costs. 
  • Managers with more time to add business value.
  • Software enables Best Practices that optimize and manage Value Process Workflow (VPW).
  • Specialized human resources utilized regardless of location. 

Improved Productivity - Reduced Operating Costs - Happier Customers

WorkStreams TM Productivity -- Implementation Methodology:


Onsite or Webcast orientation sessions are delivered to establish the future state vision and to educate key stakeholders on process improvement Best Practices, implementation tools, and methods.

Value Process Workflow SM (VPW) Analysis & future state design.

Seasoned business process professionals with functional business area expertise assist managers in Value Process Workflow (VPW) design activities.

Application of process best practices

A combination of time tested business process optimization best practices.

WorkStreamsTM Workflow Management Software

CyGen and Microsoft Information Technologies.

Custom Configured Integration

Custom configuration and integration of Information Technologies to serve specific business needs.

Performance metrics are targeted and measured

A dashboard and report card system is established to enable key metric monitoring and to determine when goals are accomplished.

WorkStreamsTM attacks business process efficiency problems

  • Performing work that customers do not perceive as valuable
  • Lack of process consistency
  • Costly manual processes
  • Excessive cycle times
  • Misunderstandings about priorities
  • Poor coordination between customers, employees, partners, and contractors.
  • Time lost working on the wrong priorities or trying to figure out what the most important items are. 
  • Wasted time looking for data and documents needed to get the job done
  • Unnecessary business process management overhead
  • Lack of work instructions and information
  • Lack of process control and activity visibility

Find relief from your business-process headaches with Workstreams!


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