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What is WorkStreams TM Workflow Management System?

WorkStreams TM Workflow Management System improves business process efficiencies by Integrating People, Process, Data, and Documents (P2D2).  Even with workers and business partners in multiple locations, tasks and schedules are always clear.  Business processes can be custom configured and managed with this program.  The core benefit of using WorkStreamsTM workflow management system is the increased efficiency in the customer fulfillment process.  WorkStreamsTM capabilities empower teams to consistently exceed customer expectations! 

Improve productivity. 

  •  Assign work, pass it on, alert workers, track progress, and gather data with ease. Use WorkStreams to clearly define your top priorities.
  • Save hours by keeping work and information organized.
  • Empower business managers to eliminate wasteful activities, define optimal workflows, and gain company visibility.
  • Trim down unnecessary work to optimize and sustain business processes.
  • Clarify work goals and expected process for all team members.
  • Track progress, monitor individual workers, and quickly identify any issues that arise.

Track progress and archive work related comments and notes.

  • Keep up to date on the status of your workers’ activities.
  • Stay organized by keeping an information log.

Eliminate Priority Confusion and improve accountability.

  • Use WorkStreams to clearly define your top priorities.
  • Easily assign roles, responsibilities, and document accountability.
  • Eliminate the “I didn’t know" syndrome.

Manage data and documents needed for work production.

  • Find updated documents immediately.
  • Manage access and modification rights smoothly.
  • Make required information and documents easily accessible.

Make time for business improvements.

  • Manage processes by exception.
  • Make time for strategic business improvements.

Keep customers in the loop and manage expectations. 

  • Give customers the option of sending requests and feedback through WorkStreams.

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